Pushchair from birth?

My LO is 7 weeks old and we use the carrycot component of the travel system. We have an icandy core. I have however just seen that the pushchair seat can be used from birth as it has a lie flat function. I have seen tiktok videos on it but none show a baby lying in it. Does anyone have the icandy core or a similar pram that has this function? It just becomes a pain bringing the carrycot component with us all the time when the pushchair seat can be folded up. I don't know if the other icandy models have this function?
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I just use the car seat mainly and use the carrycot when we are going places for a long period and I need him to properly nap. I won’t be putting him in the pushchair seat till probably 5ish months.

We changed to the pushchair seat at around 3/4 months because that’s how quickly he grew out of the carrycot

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