Sleeping bag recommendations

Do you think sleeping bags help your little ones with sleep? Recommendations for any please
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Its hard to say as we used them from like 6 weeks old but she definitely associates it with sleep now. We love the tesco zip ones

💯 if for what ever reason we don’t put her in one she doesn’t sleep as good. I think it’s because her legs are out so plays with them 😂

@CeeCee ooh ok I will take a look thankyou!

Definitely get the zip ones not buttons saved so much time 😉

I’ve used a variety from birth ☺️ now I’m using my eldest’s sleep bags from 8 years age as they are still like new. We’ve used the gro bags (tommee tippee I think) and the sweet dreamers ☺️

Thankyou lovely ladies

While it's been warmer weather we haven't been using them but definitely on chilly nights. We have 2 of the tomee tippee ones that you can un zip from the bottom which are handy for nighttime nappy changes.

I’m planning on using sleeping bags till I can’t no more. There’s no anxiety about them suffocating themselves with blankets or all sorts. My girl has been in sleeping bags since day1. I don’t know if it could potentially help with sleep tbh bc she’s still a terrible sleeper 🥴

I’ve used the tommee tippee ones since birth but as she’s got bigger I just buy the supermarket ones now. I think she associates it with bed time as after I put her in her pjs she goes in to her sleeping bag x

We noticed a difference. So we have used from birth (tommee tippee swaddle bags then) and during that heat wave a few weeks ago we couldn't get hold of a 0.5tog bag for a bit so she slept without, now it could have been the heat but she woke so many times vs what she does in the bag but we still have some warm weather once our 0.5 tog arrived and she slept better so I think it's made a difference for us but potentially because we have used from birth really :)

@Hayley is your 0.5tog from tommie tippie too?

No I just have a supermarket sleeping bag now. We only used the tommee tippee ones as a newborn as you could swaddle their arms in :) But the sleeping bag is definitely a sleep association and I use it during the day for naps as well

At newborn stage we used the tommee tippee swaddle sleeping bags, but after she grew out of them we used Asda’s sleeping bags. Perfectly ideal, they zip both ways. I prefer my little one in a sleeping bag because she moves around in her cot A LOT so I don’t trust her with a blanket

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