Induction process so slow…

I had the gel put in at 2am … I’ve only gotten to 1cm… but I am contracting so they won’t put any more gel in. I have to get to 2cm to go up to labour ward… It is not happening ffs
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It’s normal for it to take 3-5 days if your body and baby weren’t ready for labour. I assume you weren’t dilated at all. They can’t use more gel as it risks hyper stimulation of your cervix or uterus which can be very painful for you and potentially distressing for your baby. Things are happening slowly as your body isn’t on board with the doctors plans for the birth. Things may change very quickly, you never know. Good luck!

@Sarah oh my goodness yes, I am feeling slightly guilty that my body wasn’t ready yet! But was the best decision to make for the baby… hopefully the next time they check my cervix it’s more than 1cm

Don’t feel guilty! Decisions should always be made with yourself and your baby in mind and hopefully as informed as possible. Have you tried going for a walk and bouncing on a ball?

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