Formula Availability at N&N

I was told by my midwife(bowthorpe) that if I plan to breastfeed, no need to bring formula milk as the hospital will have it in case your milk doesn’t come. How true is this? My worry is that I don’t pack a formula, milk doesn’t come on time, then baby gets too hungry. Thanks in advance!
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This is definitely true, they have all the brands so you can choose whichever you want if you need it☺️

I gave birth last year they hardly had pads to give out let alone formula. I’d bring some yourself, don’t rely on them to have stuff

They do provide milk if needed. I ended up packing the pre made ones. X

My milk didn't come in until about day 3 or day 4 after having mine in April but my colostrum was apparently enough to sustain him. I did pack some formula also just incase though, which i didnt use, and some expressed colostrum in syringes x

I gave birth 4 weeks ago at the N&N, they were so busy and kept forgetting to come when I pressed the buzzer so I had to wait ages for them to bring me things/help me, that’s no good if your baby is hungry. So I would recommend packing a pack or two of ready to feed bottles. That way you’re prepared and don’t have to rely on the hospital x

This is true if you are planning to just breastfeed but there's something called combination feeding where you can switch between breastfeeding and formula. But it entirely up to you when decide.

I had my LB in January and they gave him a little formula until we could get him latched and my milk came in xx

My milk came in day 3 until then my colostrum was enough for those days and they provided syringes, pumps, bottles and nipple shields everything I needed to breastfeed successfully couldn’t fault the feeding support! I didn’t take any formula as I was planning to breast feed x

Your milk doesn't come in until days after, your colostrum should be enough until then!

Very true

This is true! My LG had to be admitted 2 months back and stay over on an emergency and they had milk for her as wasn’t planning on staying the night x

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