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Hey guys, my 6mo hasn’t yet had her teeth break through however she has started to clamp down on my nipple as if she’s biting me. Safe to say I’m terrified for when she has actual teeth and would love to break this habit before she draws blood😂 I’m very set on breastfeeding until she’s on solids (no judgement for formula users, it’s just not my preference) any help would be appreciated-she’s not feral I promise 😂😂
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Her smile!!! ❤️ My 6 month boy is doing the exact same thing, I planning to breastfeed for at least another year; I normally use nipple shields for a day; which protect me until he forgets to bite, and then the cycle starts again 😂

Maybe it is just because she’s teething? If she does that, pull her off and give her a teether 😜

@Anita I don’t know why I didn’t think of this! Thank you 🥰

Deffo try and break the habit now. I didn't realise my LO was clamping down coz it didn't hurt when she didn't have teeth but now that she does, I just look at her and sternly say "no biting" and pretend to try and take the nipple away, she usually stops and goes back to drinking or comes off herself if she's done

My girl doesn’t have teeth and she’s been biting. I just make a big scene and say ow loudly and pull her off. I then burp her and she gets frustrated cause she’s not done eating. Once I’m not hurting anymore. Usually about 1 min I put her back on. She has stopped the frequency but I think sometimes she forgets and does it but I just do the same thing. Hasn’t happened again in like 3 weeks ! I heard tho you have to show them it hurts you.

Okay I’m reading these comments and I’m just here to share our story. Every baby is so different. This started happening to us when my LO was 7.5 months and she had her 2 bottom teeth. It would happen out of nowhere and was painful and really shocking to me so I would instinctively jump, take her off the boob, and say “OW!” Well, apparently that reaction was too much for my LO and she would cry hysterically (like she knew she hurt me) and refused to BF ever again after 2-3x of this happening 😭 I’ve been exclusively pumping ever since and she’s just over 9 months old, (I HATE pumping but I’ll do anything for my baby).

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