Has anyone else's child started biting?

My son is 19months old and has suddenly decided biting me and my partner is a good idea. No matter how many times we tell him off he doesn't listen. Has anyone else's child started this and has any results in getting them to stop biting?
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She’s done it a couple times then had a tantrum when I told her she couldn’t 🤦🏻‍♀️ I think they’re just exploring with their mouths are they but obviously it’s not ideal. I don’t really have much advice tbh but I’ve seen people saying to just gentle remind them we don’t bite people as it hurts etc but obviously they only have limited understanding. Maybe just try distracting them with something else

@Jess I had a mark on my arm for about 24 hours from him biting me. My mum said to try the cry you've hurt mummy method and all he does is laugh in your face. Was also told to try feeding him more but he's constantly fed and don't think it's hungry bites. The tantrums are annoying when you tell him no. I literally have to remove his head from my arm to stop him biting me and then he does it again and it's a battle for about half an hour to get him to stop

Yes I give him something else to bite and don’t react. He does it when he’s excited

I noticed for my son it’s the baby version of cuteness aggression - you know when a baby is so cute you just want to bite them but you know not to cos it will hurt them but they’re just so cute and awwww. I think he gets the same thing tbh

My son does this too & we tried the pretend crying, “mommy is hurt” and he found it funny. Now we move him/his mouth away and say “kind mouth”. If he continues after a few times I’ll move him further away and face away from him for a few seconds, showing him I won’t play with him if he continues biting. Usually stops after that. I think this is working for him tbh! I can see he’s reduced the amount of times he’s biting recently, but still does it here & there. Hope this helps🤞🏻

Yep, he bites the inside of the leg and he doesnt know when to stop, its so painful. What Ive noticed, is that he seeks a reaction (and in general when he is naughty and I say no to things). So I say no, not allowed, it hurts mama etc, but in a calm voice. He does it again but this time I ignore and remove myself. He continues, i say again no and explain calmly. When he sees no dramatic reactiom etc he loses interes. I didnt invent the technique, i read it somewhere and it actually works. I notice that if I say no scared or dramatically he enjoys it, thinking maybe we are playing and does it again.

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