sleep regression

i am so tired. waking up every 40 minutes and rocking for 30 mins is trash. how are yall putting your babies to sleep awake? mine screams as soon as he’s not in my arms.
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Start with the first nap of the day. It’s easier to teach them to self settle before they’re overtired. What worked for us was slowly reducing how much help we provided until eventually she didn’t need any. For example to drop the rocking we would soothe her in the bassinet. (Shushing, patting, stroking eyebrows with a pacifier) then slowly removing those as well. She got used to getting sleepy and falling asleep in the bassinet instead of our arms. It takes time to transition but it does work.

This might not work for everyone but my baby is the same way she will not fall asleep until she falls asleep in my arms what I would try is putting them facing your breast like in a sleeping position and just patting there butt and rocking them if they like the paci make sure it’s in their mouth , but it’s totally okay for ur baby to need you for them to fall asleep , what my mom does when I have to do nails and she has to put her to sleep she will put a shirt that I wear to sleep next to her and she will stay sleeping some babies will cry and feel lonely if they don’t smell you

Ooo these are great tricks!


I hear you. We got through it in a couple weeks and it’s better on the other side. My husband would take turns rocking her to sleep after I fed so that I could get a bit more sleep.

This is what worked for me when my boy was having sleep regression like crazy. Rocked my baby all the way into the crib like until I set him down and then immediately replace the rocking with patting his butt and side! I’ve also noticed if I whisper very soft I love you and go to sleepy to him he finds it comforting and will also fall asleep

How long Does it Last? Mine Started a Week Right Before 3 Months and Just Turned 4 Months . I’m Strugglingggg and Ready For Him to Go Back To Sleeping Through The Night

update: i put him down sleepy but awake last night after his bedtime routine and he fussed for about fifteen minutes and put himself to sleep! no rocking, no paci, nothing. he woke up an hour later, fussed for 15 mins again and then slept for four hours, went back down in his own no crying, slept for two more hours, went back down no crying, slept until 7 am! i feel like i can be a much better mom today. here’s to hoping it wasn’t a fluke 😅

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