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Morning all, Is anyone finding that even though their baby is slowly starting to sleep more your sleep isn’t improving? I’m still waking up regularly as if expecting her to wake up or finding it hard to go to sleep. Can’t seem to nap in the day either when she does. Any tips? Or mums in the same boat?
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Yes yes yes. All my life I have loved my sleep but since pregnancy I have been a terrible sleeper. My boy sleeps great but I’m having to take Nytol every night to get some sleep 😭

Yes this has been me ever since she was born! I wake up every time she coughs or stirs and I still wake up to pee loads as a habit from being pregnancy 🙈

same here! I don’t even know how I am still alive 🤣

Yes!! He has slept all night since like 8 weeks give or take the odd night and im yet to not wake up 2,3+ times a night🫠 He is in his own room now and im slowly doing longer stretches but still bouncing awake to check on him lol

Gosh I’m the same! Even when baby only wakes once or sleeps through, I’m up 4 times in the night! Either boiling hot or needing a wee! It’s driving me mad haha x

When LO was same room as us I would wake with every little shuffle or sigh he did. Now he's moved into his own room sleep is a bit better but I do sometimes find myself in a deep sleep suddenly jolting awake to check the monitor and he's just sleeping soundly 🙄 brain just doesn't want to switch off!!

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