My bf/bd ex gf/baby mama is trying to start shit again

So me and my bf been dating nearly 2 years I've expected he has to be in contact with her but that doesn't give her any reason to be messaging me on fb asking about his new job , asking me threw a fake fb last year if I was pregnant telling me he got someone esle pregnant during our relationship telling me all this stuff that isn't true since I've been threw his phone and his threw mine to see her messages and to see what's going on when I'm upset or just not wanting to talk cuase something bothering me typically her starting more unwanted contact with me and he can't do much to get her to stop , and she has her friends messaging me alot of bs fake screenshots saying they are chats of them and him texting , what can I do to get her and them to stop since blocking isn't working and I can't get a restraining order cuase of his daughter with her
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You can still get a restraining order just ask for no communication via text social media unless it is related to the child and you can also include it to include third parties so she can’t have others do it

@Sadie all I can get is a protective order since I did call the cops and that's all they said they can do in the state

How old is she, to be acting so childishly?

@Sarah 🇺🇸 she's 19/20 if I'm not wrong but she's a spoiled rich bitch who lives with her mommy n daddy 😒 using their money for a top notch lawyers for child support when it's unnecessary to have one like that

If cops said you can get a protective order, I would go ahead and try and pursue that. With OPs, they also can’t contact you third party. Ie, have someone else contact you on their behalf. But either way, if they have a child together she’s not going anywhere and you have to decide if you want to be part of this long road that lies ahead.

@Sarah 🇺🇸 he hasn't lied to me n been upfront with everything even with her gunna try to start drama just to get me to leave but I'm in itbfor the long run since I love him so much even befor I got pregnant and she doesn't know and won't know till a family events she brings his kid to

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