Worried about breast cancer (with pics)

I feel so anxious, I noticed at the start of the week these enlarged pores on my breasts, above the nipple area that I assumed were just like that with the stretching of skin due to breastfeeding my baby but when I looked it up it came up with peau d’orange which is linked to inflammatory breast cancer. And then this morning after my shower I noticed a dimple at the edge of my boob going towards my armpit which is also linked to ibc. The dimple disappears when I raise my arm. So now I’m concerned about cancer, and all I can think about is my young baby 😭😭 I feel so stressed, I feel like I’m going down a catastrophic spiral I’ve contacted my GP and have an appointment later today but I feel sick with worry Anyone have anything like this and it turned out to be benign?
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Oh bless you, boobs changing can be a worry. Lumpy boobs could just be a sign of blocked ducts and that your baby isn’t able to efficiently and effectively drain your breasts, which can lead to mastitis. How are you feeling in yourself? Any flu-like symptoms? Before panicking too much (I totally appreciate it’s scary) book in with the GP (ask for a woman if you prefer) and go from there.

It’s always better to be safe and get checked! I’ve had enlarged pores since breastfeeding my son. Peau d’orange I believe is lots of small dimpling like the skin of an orange and not pores. You are right to book an appointment to be on the safe side but I wouldn’t worry too much yet as pores are side effects of breastfeeding

Please try and not worry, but best to get seen to settle your nerves. I was concerned about a dimple on my boob, and mine also disappeared when I raised my arm. The doctor actually explained if it was sinister then the dimples do not actually disappear when raising your arms. Please don’t worry yourself, but it’s good you are aware of breast changes and keeping an eye out. I hope all goes well for you xx

Thanks for all your reassurance - I’ve been to the doctor and she wasn’t concerned by the enlarged pores but is getting me referred to hospital for the dimple. Hopefully it ends up being nothing, I’m trying not to spiral.

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