Does anyone know at what size they suggest you have a c-section?

I’m 37weeks tomorrow (Friday) UK based - Lister hosp Baby is back to back Midwife’s last measurement on 3/07 was 37cm (2weeks ahead I believe she said) My partner and I measured last night out of curiosity and obviously it may not be accurate but we got 41/42cm We’ve got a growth scan Monday for a more accurate size read. So green is where I should’ve been last midwife apt and white is where my partner and I think I now am based on top of bump - pelvic or pubic bone (whatever it’s called).
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Nobody can ‘make’ you have a c section, ever. It’s always your choice.

@N 💞 Fair enough, I changed the wording. I’m just curious because I want to do what they feel is safest for baby and I, but I have a 1year old and after the first week it’ll just be me at home. I know they say not to carry anything heavier than your newborn and my 1year olds still not walking without his walker so needs carrying downstairs etc

I was scheduled to be induced at 41 +3 days but labor started naturally 5 hours before my appointment and I had an emergency C-section after dilating 7cm from a cord around his neck. Mine was almost 9lb at birth. Your baby looks average size, it's best to go the full 40/41 weeks because their lungs are still fine tuning in development until the last weeks

I wouldn’t get yourself worked up, without being rude it’s likely yours and partners measurement isn’t accurate. I had 2 midwives measure me in one appointment and they both got different measurements, this is why it’s not really an accurate representation and there’s a huge margin for error. Even the scans can be inaccurate. They will advise you on what they think is best after the scan, but baby ‘measuring big’ is not a medical reason to need a c section.

My first baby always measured over the 90th centile (on scans not bump measurement but both can be inaccurate) and whilst they do worry about shoulder dystocia I was just given a few options of either wait for labour naturally, being induced a bit earlier or a C-section a bit earlier - it was completely up to me and my midwife did actually say that big babies are often easier to give birth to as they actually have less space to wiggle as they come down the birth canal so less likely to end up in an awkward position to get stuck. I did actually get induced at 38 weeks but that was due to several factors alongside baby being big (gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and starting to get traces of protein in urine) - induction went smoothly though and baby boy was born weighing 9lbs exactly.

I wouldn’t worry, a lot of trusts don’t actually measure the bump anymore because it can be widely inaccurate. I also had a scan, and they were concerned about growth and apparently wasn’t growing properly, massively panicked me and sent me for a specialist scan to find out, the person who did the scan, did it completely wrong and there was no need for the major panic.

@Tiffany My first was born naturally to spontaneous labour at 38+5, I have no intention of requesting a section I’m just curious as to what point they suggest it

They don’t go off size for a c-section my baby was measuring 10 pounds on growth scans and I still gave birth vaginally did have an induction due to GD but these growth scans aren’t accurate. My baby was 8 pounds 2oz

My little boy was always on the highest fetal weight line on his growth chart when I was pregnant. I never had a growth scan and it was never mentioned to me about having a C-section, my midwife just said it could be a lot of fluid and because im tall it could be he’s just a longer baby. I was booked in for an induction just in case I went over my due date when I was around 38 weeks for 41 weeks and 5 days. I did end up being induced, I then had an emergency C-section and he was born at exactly 42 weeks weighing 8lb 15oz x

Typically a section is medically advised not based on size, but rather GD, cholestasis, preeclampsia... Medical conditions

Oh, anywhere from 38 to 41 weeks id imagine, sooner if medically necessary/ early Labor

@Bek we had the same baby lol mines 5 .mo now and still in the 95th percentile for height/weight/head. He's 23 lbs and weighs too much for baby bouncers and stuff made for his age. I wasn't induced but would been a couple hours later and had an emergency C-section, 8.5lb

My bump was measured small And was told From bump measurements I was “too small” turns out he was big and born 9lb 7oz 😬🤷🏽‍♀️

His back to back as well as supposedly really big. I know growth can be wrong as they got it wrong with my first but I do feel baby is bigger this time and believe less water but I could be wrong

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