Day care guilt?

Does anyone else feel guilty that they don’t send their little one to daycare? I see so many mums sending their kids to care just for them to socialize etc (this doesn’t include the mums that have to work and have no option). I quit my job in September to stay at home and wouldn’t change it for the world. I get anxious when other people watch my kid and I’m still in the same area haha, let alone idk how I’d be if she was at a whole daycare without me there. I like knowing what she’s up to at every moment.
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Know the teachers The superintendents plans for schools Maybe join a meeting ? Pray on it 🫶

Nope, I’d send her if I could afford it. But that’s why we go to lots of groups instead for socialisation.

What do you think people did before daycares and/or schools existed? We weren’t meant to have kids just to send them off to be taken care of by somebody else. Do what’s right for you rather than adhering to modern social standards.

I will not feel guilty at all. We didn't have a child just to pass it off for someone else to raise. She is our full responsibility.

Babies don’t need socialization. They don’t even play WITH other kids (they parallel play) for a while. What they do need is you. ❤️ if you really want them around other kids, take em to storytime at the library! You’ll also avoid all the daycare sicknesses that way.

My husband and I put our daughter in daycare when she was 13 months and the amount of progress she has made in the last year (she just turned 2 last week) has been tremendous. Her vocabulary improves everyday, she’s more social now than she was a year ago, and she’s becoming so independent and gaining interest in new things. Granted, my husband was very nervous to put her in daycare for the same reasons as others have mentioned; but I wanted her to have friends and know people outside of mommy and daddy (we don’t live near family). She loves daycare and she gets excited every morning when we’re getting ready and on the way.

Girl I feel the same way. I want to be the one to raise my kids and be home with them if I can (working moms totally understand that you don’t really have a choice). If you’re home I’d say embrace it and he thankful that you can be the one around them all the time. Where we live it’s hard to find a daycare that has any space and I also would only want to send my baby there if it was a good Christian daycare with values that align with ours so that makes it even harder. Your kids can still be socialized by you if you take them to parks, moms groups, church or friends houses. Things like that. If they’re little they don’t really need that social aspect for awhile anyways. And daycares can be expensive so save your money if you can!

Definitely not guilty about not sending my kids to daycare. My 3 year old has been in gymnastics since about 16 months old and in swim lessons for a few months. We have lots of kids at our church and we have play dates with them often. Now that my second is crawling and moving more my 3 year old and her play. There are plenty of ways to socialize kids without sending them to daycare. If I need a break or my hubby and I want a date night my mom or sister watches them. I don’t really trust anyone else.

Nope lol. I take better care of him than anyone else in the world would and we do plenty of social stuff without paying a dime or being away from him. They aren't really "learning" anything about socialization, sharing, communicating at daycare because their interactions are rarely monitored. If there is an adult that intervenes for a "teaching moment" it's usually just scolding or forced "sharing." Toddlers learn more about social interactions by watching you interact with others properly

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