I’ve been seeing post of people who have one in the past and it’s scaring me? Like if there are no symptoms until you have a scan and see no heartbeat how do I know baby is okay? I had a scan at 7 weeks everything was fine I’m now 9 weeks still have nausea and 1/2 a day sick. Still have mild symptoms nothing else but sometimes I just worry and cannot wait for my 12 week scan!
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If your worried ask and see if you can have a scan at the epu

@Amy I’ve had one at 6 weeks and 7 weeks an all was fine, I think it’s seeing other people have missed ones that worries me? Like the fact they had no symptoms to indicate the baby had stopped growing? Like usually most people have pain or bleeding? But it’s more so those that have none of that

When i had a missed miscarriage, i had some bleeding and intense cramping which prompted me to go check out what was going on only to find out the baby had stopped growing some days earlier. So i think sometimes there are symptoms. Before i had a MMC, i never knew it was a thing, i had no anxiety whatsoever over the pregnancy, but this time around, my anxiety is through the roof. Sometimes, i just remind myself that there is no need worrying over sometime i have no control over..fingers crossed for all of us x

@Amy so sorry you had to go through this! It is really scary I totally agree! And you are right we can’t control what’s happening and I keep trying to remind myself I just need to trust my body!! Can I ask how many weeks you were when you had the MMC? X

The baby stopped growing at about 9 weeks and some days (not exactly sure now) and i had the symptoms when i hit 10 weeks.

When I had a missed miscarriage I didn’t have any bleeding but my nausea and boob pain completely disappeared. If you had symptoms and still have them I think that’s a good indication. There really is no way of knowing for sure though and I know it’s difficult but you just have to trust the process and believe that you’re pregnant until proven otherwise. Totally get the anxiety though, I’m in the same boat now at 9 weeks after having a missed miscarriage in March. It’s hard but stay strong ♥️

There isn’t anyway to know baby is 100% ok. This is the case for pregnancy and to be honest beyond. Though it’s particularly heightened in early pregnancy as it is a vulnerable time. I’ve had 2 losses and one was a mmc and then went on to have my daughter last year. Pregnant again and anxious. I have been that person to have a scan and see baby and then the next scan they had stopped growing with no signs. But I’ve also been the person to have scans and baby has continued to grow! I think the one thing that keeps my anxiety at bay (a bit anyways) is knowing we don’t have any control over it. A lot of women with a MMC will find out later as they haven’t had an early scan to see any different. Usually the baby will date around 6-8 weeks (most common). Seeing a heartbeat at 7 weeks is a really good sign and the chances of anything happen go to under 10% and get less every day. It’s reassuring you still have symptoms but these can fade from 9ish weeks as the placenta starts to take over.

So there isn’t any way to 100% know. Scans are a snapshot in time, they can’t predict the future. Nothing can. It’s not worth over stressing (easier said than done) as their is no control and the much more likely scenario is all will be ok. It’s better to focus on what you can control and try to keep distracted. Everyone feels the same so you’re not alone.

Unfortunately it’s just part of the game! One pregnancy I had horrible nausea and then lost the baby at 15 weeks. One pregnancy I had mild symptoms, had a positive scan at week 8 and saw the heartbeat but then miscarried at week 10. Another pregnancy I had mild symptoms and all went fine and had my son. Some women have never experienced a loss; that happens too. Who knows 🤷‍♀️ Just try to be positive and enjoy this time as much as you can!

What’s the latest you can have a missed miscarriage?

Just assume that your baby is fine and stay calm. It is out of your control and early scans only give you reassurance for a short period of time before you start worrying again. Just wait until the dating scan and if everything is fine at that point, it’s extremely unlikely that things will take a wrong turn from there.

@Aleena there isn’t a latest point but after 12ish weeks, the risk of loss is about 1% or less. It gets less every day. Hard to define stats between miscarriage and specifically a missed miscarriage but mmc comes under miscarriage too so roughly odds are below 1% after the first trimester. Sadly people do have losses in the second trimester or may receive news which mean they need to terminate for medical reasons. After 24weeks any loss would be classified as stillborn. It’s awful to think about and the odds are very high in favour of the pregnancy all being fine after the first trimester. Actually from 8 weeks the stats really start to drop especially where a baby and heartbeat have been confirmed. But sadly there is no real safe point or latest time for a mmc.

Yeah my mum miscarried at 20weeks and I can’t even imagine, even tho I haven’t experienced it, having my mum gone through that makes me really paranoid x

I think it’s important to add (as understandably there is a lot of panic around the topic) that while sadly people do experience losses at various stages, miscarriage is not contagious so just because you hear stories and see posts does not make it more likely to happen to you. I have to even apply that to myself and my past experiences - just because it happened before doesn’t mean it will again. You have to stay in as positive mindset as possible. Today you are pregnant! I found affirmations really helped me.

I had my daughter even though I was high risk, no symptoms, didn’t effect know I was parent day to day. Next pregnancy I had slight symptoms that were very consistent and at our 8 week scan there was no heartbeat. You just can’t tell. You just have to pass on as many positive vibes to baby as you have no reason to think it’s abutting other than perfect, and you want to check because you care so much, not because anything is wrong xx

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