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Do I need a chair for the nursery or will I wait till baby is here/ what chairs do people recommend? ☺️
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They are comfortable and if you have space then I don’t see why not! but I personally just tended to breastfeed in bed or on the sofa with a nursing pillow as we didn’t spend a lot of time in his nursery especially in the beginning! And didnt want to be limited to nursing in one room

I had Gaia nursing chair from previous pregnancies. It is very comfortable. You can buy it anytime really but I personally look into sales season as they tend to do some discount x

Thank you think I’ll wait till baby goes into their own room and see if I feel like I need one then☺️xx

We didn’t use it at all the first 6 months as I was either feeding in bed or downstairs, but since we moved him to his own room I’ve used it every day! I do love ours, it’s the Obaby Savannah swivel glider. Got on sale at a baby show

I agree you don’t need one if you don’t have the space. We were gifted one and didn’t use ours until he went into his own room, however we still use it 2 years later everyday for stories and cuddles before bed

Could use exercise ball if you don't have space

Same as people above, I feed in bed whilst baby was in our room. And then hair bought a normal comfy chair for night feeds / book time when he was in his own room

We got a nursing chair as it’s the one thing that my sister in law and all my friends said was brilliant for during the night. But we got a second hand one from FB marketplace and cleaned it up 😊.

We got one with my first but didn’t use it that much to begin with as I just fed in bed or downstairs etc but it definitely came in handy a bit later on when she needed rocking to sleep etc. if you have the space I say go for it. We had it in our bedroom to begin with and then moved it to her room once she moved in there at 6/7m. We also didn’t get one aimed specifically at nursing as they were more expensive we just got a standard rocking chair which was around £80 I think

I didn’t get one originally and did once they were here and so glad I did. If you have the space I recommend getting one. I’d look for a high back, that was the problem with ours that I couldn’t put my head back on it

I have never used a nursing chair. I feed it with a nursing pillow at wherever that is convenient.

We had a small material rocking chair for our first and I swore blind I would buy the most AMAZING nursing chair this time around. As they get older you realise you’re in that bloody chair day and night rubbing their backs as a toddler or just sitting shhh whilst they’re falling back to sleep after a bad dream etc. You’ll get your use out of it and your back will thank you!!!! We’ve opted for an iltutto one this time round and I’m so bloody excited. I really think they’re worth every penny x

I tried to feed in bed but just didn’t have enough support for my back. I used mine every day and night and still use it now for stories before bed. I did swap my rocking chair and stool for a small armchair though as I found the rocker was really creaky, could have just been mine though.

We had one - an armchair from Ikea - that was set up beside the bedside crib. I loved it and used it the entire time, even during the day. Getting out of bed in the night to go to the chair meant that I was less likely to fall asleep! It also meant I didn't jiggle the bed around too much and wake my husband. To be fair, he chose to wake up and sit with us most of the time but I still wanted to reduce the risk as much as possible.

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