Formula Bottles while abroad

Has anyone been abroad with there little one and how have you made formula bottles up? My main concern is the water issues while traveling…. What boiled water do you use, tap or bottle ? My health visitor didn’t really have the answers for me.
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Following because we’re going on holiday too and I’ve no idea 😅

We went away a few weeks ago with 3 month old and it was really easy! We have a Tommee Tippee rapid cool flask and a hot flask from Amazon that has a temp display so we could check it was over 70 degrees. I used the ‘hot shot’ method to make them and the way I did it saved having to wash the rapid cool all the time: 1. Boil kettle and put straight into hot flask (if heading out to the pool etc). 2. When it was time for a feed, pour hot water out into baby bottle to get right amount of oz of water. (Found it too difficult to see inside the rapid cool to see how much I was putting in!) 3. Pour most of hot water into the rapid cool leaving about 1-2oz of hot water in baby bottle. 4. Add formula to baby bottle and gave it a shake to dissolve. 5. Put lid on rapid cool and shook and waited for it to be ‘blue’. 6. Pour cooled water from rapid cool into baby bottle and check temp on wrist before giving. We took a cold water steriliser and Milton tablets 😊

@Kirsty what water did you use that’s my issue? Bottled water or abroad tap water?

When my friend went away with her little girl (she was around 6 -7months) she just had to use bottled water, she didn’t have much choice as she couldn’t use tap water. The ones that are baby friendly usually have a baby on the front of it or if you check the back one with low sodium xx

Hi there I’ve been travelling with my baby since he was 2 months & he’s now mainly bottle fed. We’re on tour in China so it’s been a bit of a challenge. We make up his feed with boiled bottled water and cool it in a small bucket of cold water. we’ve also taken a collapsible bucket with us which we refill every night with boiled tap water and then add Milton tablets in the morning once the water is cold. You might be just fine using tap water for the sterilising where you’re going but we didn’t want to risk it here. Hope that helps somewhat x

@Sadie I used bottled, found one in a shop with a baby bottle on the label so knew it was suitable 😊

@Kirsty thank you 🥰

I think it depends what country you’re going to and if tap water is safe. We’ve been traveling in Singapore and Australia and have used tap water to boil ☺️

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