Anyone on the priority housing list?

Have you heard anything recently from them? I got a letter this morning but not sure what it means. It’s so confusing They’re always changing the rules and stuff. They told me on the letter they’re moving me up to high needs plus but I’m already on priority not sure what this means. All they said on the letter is I’m only aloud one offer which wasn’t the case before. So out of the blue Was wondering if anyone else has also received a letter about rule changes etc
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And how long after did you receive an offer?

I’m currently living in temporary accommodation with my 3 children and I’m top of the list for a council house as I’m classed as homeless, it’s been months an I am no closer theres a huge housing shortage it’s a nightmare

@Paige Knowles yeah it’s crazy isn’t it. I have 2 toddlers and currently pregnant. I’m also classed as homeless. I knew it was bad but I didn’t think you’d wait too long if you’re in priority. How often do you bid? Is it a 2 bed?

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