light brown pinky discharge..

i’m 39+3, so basically yesterday i was in triage due to reduced movements, baby was all good but cuz i’m so close to my due date they wanted me in for a reassurance scan and were talking about possibly inducing me if everything’s not working, so last night i went home and sex (using a condom) with my partner as i know that’s been said to kickstart labour, and a couple hours after started having lower bump and back aches almost like period cramps, and then this morning after my scan (everything with baby is perfect from the scan), i noticed just a trace of pinky brown discharge which was quite creamy in texture but not the snot texture people often describe their plug as, and pains have carried on sporadically this morning, and just been for a wee and seen tht i’ve lost more discharge of the same colour, just wondering if anybody knows what this may mean and if it indicates anything’s starting? xx
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I believe the semen is what helps kickstart labor. But from what you are saying it might be your mucus plug coming away!

@Jenna (Jen) i thought it might be the plug starting come away and the midwife said that was probably what it was, i was just slightly confused cuz the consistency was different to what other people say it is

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