Hii ladies what is your 14month olds wake windows with 1 nap
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Wakes at 7 Nap 12 until 2ish Bed 7:30ish

Wakes around 7 Naps around 11.30/12 ish for 1.5-2 hours Bed 7.30-8pm

Wakes about 7.30, naps about 12.30-2.30 goes to bed at 7 but normally asleep by 7.30 (he self soothes to sleep)

5-6 hour wake window x

@Steph do you do lunch before or after nap. We are on the same schedule but I never know which is better for lunch as before 12 seems quite early but after two seems pretty late

Lunch at 11:30 then a snack when he wakes up. Dinner at 5:30ish

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