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Is anybody else an over supplier? This is my first pump of the day (20 ounces)
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I know it comes with its own challenges but I’m so jealous! I get maybe 5 ounces per pump and there’s nothing left over from the day. I hope to increase my supply but I don’t think it will get too much higher so that’s awesome you have extra to store!

I get about 10-15 oz in the morning and 7-9 oz throughout the day

So jealous 😭😭😭 max I get is 2.5 oz😭😭

I’m jealous😭 power pumping now to try and increase my supply. I’m a super low supplier, only like half an oz every time I pump😞 and I do it for like 30 mins

dreaming about being an over suppliers, I pumped for 1.5 hr today to get 10 oz 😅

So jealous! I only make 1oz on my left side and absolutely nothing but a few drops on my right

I get 8-12 oz in the first pump and then 6-8 all other times some days it a little more just depends right now i pump every 4 hours hope to move to 5 next month.

Oh wow! 🤩

Omg that’s a lot. How many weeks pp are you?? I’m 5 weeks pp and only get 4 ounces total a pump session

@Amaya 9 weeks pp!

How! I only pump 3 ounces

Please tell me how u do it

My dream tell me your ways please I’m supply is decreasing and it makes me so sad

Oh my!!!

@Jenny @Keira I have at least one bowl of cream of wheat a day, I hydrate a lot i drink around 1 gallon of water a day, and I use the FridaMom postpartum lactation gummies once a day!

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