So as we’ve all gone through probably - breastfeeding is soo painful. Baby won’t latch right and the “nose to nipple” isn’t working out for me with baby moving head constantly. I’m practically putting my nipple in the baby’s mouth when I do try to breastfeed which hurts. At the moment I express and try breastfeeding once a day (for 5-10 mins). I’ve heard around 6/8 weeks baby will know how to latch and it gets easier. Question is should I be practicing more everyday to breastfeed or will it just get easier with time? Expressing is just easier right now which is why I do it
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Yeah I really struggled too in the first 2 months! I recommend purchasing silver cups, really helps with the soreness. I also attended a few NHS breastfeeding workshops which were so helpful re positioning and latch, they also checked if my LO had a tongue tie which could impact latch

Thank you! I’ve been trying all that too. Just need to attend a few workshops

Definitely try get to a breastfeeding workshop. I struggled even with my 3rd baby but after a couple of the sessions with a breastfeeding consultant we were breastfeeding full time and no more expressing!

My local children's centres had infant feeding specialists who were a lifeline to me with my first child. Found he had tongue tie and helped with the latch. Not sure what part of London you are in but I also know the village have an affordable lactation specialist.

I was struggling and on my first week went along to a free support group at the baby centre and turns out she has tounge tie. My baby is 3 weeks now and and has an appointment tomorrow at Evelina hospital in London to remove the tounge tie. I heard it can even take few weeks after that to resolve feeding issues but hopefully it will set us on a good track eventually. 100% though it has been painful, what with cracked nippples and engorgement. I think I'm finally starting to find my way though (maybe 😂)

I would see a lactation consultant ASAP. My baby only needed a couple days to figure out the latch. Don't suffer for so long! The faster it gets sorted thr better including tongue or lip tie etc. Sorry you're going through this! Well done for pumping that's amazing.

Agree with Alex, definitely seek help in case it is a tounge or lip tie and can be resolved. Either through local free services or lactation consultant

It definitely gets easier, to the point you don’t have to think about it, baby will latch and you won’t even really feel much. I remember those first couple of months felt so hard like I couldn’t get the hang of it, I had a breastfeeding nurse help me for a while and show me different ways. It does take practice though, for both of you x

Second the suggestion of trying out your local children centre. They too found a posterior tongue tie on my daughter and she had it snipped at 11 weeks old. Wouldn’t have continued without them! They also tried to make improvements to latch while I waited for the procedure. They told me the cradle hold (the classic breastfeeding hold) is not actually great for latching if your baby struggles. Try lying down positions or rugby hold.

Tbh with both my boys their latch was correct but it was still sore - but yeah eventually after my nipples healed and got used to the motion it was second nature x

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