Anyone else feeling weak, heart palpitations and out of breath from doing nothing

I feel awful! Got a horrible back which is probably from picking up my toddler 247 whos very clingy atm as shes teething, tired af, nauseous and worst of all completely out of breath and have heart palpitations. Anyone else feeling out of breath and bad heart palpitations?
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I have similar feeling. I have to deep breathe time to time which is quite unusual.

I am also out of breath from doing nothing and feel like my heart is beating really fast all the time 😅 it’s only been today, I’m currently 4 +1. Hopefully it subsides soon for us 🙏🏼🤞🏼

I remember having it slightly with my first but this time is worse i think

@Zhyp that makes me feel a little better! This is my first so I’ve no idea what to expect and what is normal 🙈

Omg I keep getting heart palpitations but don’t remember getting them with my first! So weird!

Yes, very out of breath and getting palpitations also

Yep!!! I feel wiped out 😖 so much harder with a toddler, could nap the time away with my first 🫠

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