Hi, looking for advice on breast pumps. I currently have a medala solo electric which works well. Have a Hakka I sometimes put the other side to start things off though still need to then pump the rest of that side too. However I’m returning to work soon and will need to pump there. I’m a teacher so limited time pumping at break. Plus I will need to pump in the morning before I leave and don’t want the hassle of rinsing and packing the pump. So I think my plan is to keep what I have to use at home and buy a second double pump for work. I can’t really afford the big brands but have seen some cheaper ones on Amazon. Does anyone have one of these and any recommendations, or ones to avoid? Or any other suggestions of how to make this work -we are doing some combi feeding and I’m happy to up the formula a bit but I really do like breast feeding I want to keep doing that at least for a couple of feeds a day at least until she’s 1 (will be 8 months when I return to work), I know people say if you reduce feeds your breasts adapt but how do you do this -I did a day at work last week and was leaking 3 hours in!
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https://www.amazon.co.uk/Breast-Pump-Wearable-Rechargeable-Electrical/dp/B0CS33QZFQ/ref=pd_aw_ci_mcx_pspc_dp_m_m_t_5?pd_rd_w=JPzAy&content-id=amzn1.sym.760ef019-b531-40f9-a74a-2915419d214b&pf_rd_p=760ef019-b531-40f9-a74a-2915419d214b&pf_rd_r=8BEBFK0SDC7ECGX5B63Y&pd_rd_wg=IF3HM&pd_rd_r=8f36788a-3e6f-4214-bc97-7fb04f5540f4&pd_rd_i=B0CS33QZFQ this is one of the cheaper double pumps I was looking at

It might be worth having a chat at your job about your pumping space, storage and extra time for pumping at work. They have to provide you with suitable for you place to pump and give you extra time for pumping. Some places will also provide some sort of storage space for you, insulated bag with ice packs, small fridge, etc With pumps, I know not everyone want to buy second hand, but I couldn’t decide on my pump for ages, kept reading all mixed reviews for every single pump out there, works for some and doesn’t for others. I came across Elvie wireless pump on Vinted in great condition really cheep, only one user, usually very expensive pump. I thought I’d try it and it’s been great to my surprise, I bought extra bits for it some new, some once used (for spares) and now have one pump unit with lots of extras, so don’t have to worry about washing and sterilising all the time.

Honestly I was so skeptic about buying a used pump and not sure if it was just, but would definitely recommend looking around for one. Also don’t fall into Vinted scammers, new profiles, with no reviews and cheep pumps, ask for photos or extra info. I kept seeing same photos used on fake profiles, not sure how this scam works, as Vinted would return you the money I’m sure, but better to avoid it in the first place 😊

@Lana thanks. Hadn’t thought of used one -I buy other things off vinted but was unsure of something like this second hand, but I guess if I fully sterilise it then should be ok. My work are providing a space (admitted a small storage cupboard but is at least private and they put a comfy chair in) and good access to a fridge and sink. Annoyingly the law is they have to provide a space but providing extra time isn’t law! They are being nice enough about it but it’s tricky with school timetables plus it’s a new job and I like the school so want to make a good start (I know this shouldn’t make a difference)

Ah that’s a shame, at my work place they provide extra time and everywhere else is the same from what I’ve heard from other mums so far, but I understand what you saying and every place is different of course, at least they are helping you and being understanding. Yes I was exactly the same with buying second hand, but we do buy a lot of other things used. They do say, pump is for one user only and to replace the parts. The one that I got, you can see the history on the app and it only had 3 uses, I did ask when the pump was bought and how parts were sterilised, how long used for, etc before buying. Gave it a good wash and sterilised everything. Often I found only used a few times and stopped bf or didn’t go with bf so never used. Also found new accessories/parts on Vinted or again lightly used, like a pack of 3 bottles, only one has been used. I think it’s personal choice, but I’m very happy with my pump, all extra bits and I’m glad I saved a lot of money

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