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In 2020 I unfortunately had a ruptured ectopic since then had a healthy baby who is now 3 but I found out I was pregnant 2 days ago but the fear of another ectopic won’t go away I am 4 weeks exactly and have a scan In 2 weeks but I can’t stop the worry😓
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Take deep breaths and try and stay relaxed. Try not to stress about the things not in your control.

I had one also last year and felt this way for this pregnancy at then beginning always panicking and everything turned out fine. The panicking was for nothing. Try and think you are getting seen early and try not to worry about things out of your control. You will be in the best care if you are getting checks ❤️

If you’re really worried I would ring your EPU and get an earlier scan or HCG blood tests to see if HCG is doubling! They should see you if you have history of ectopic

@SAC I did ask for earlier today they said the wouldn’t see anything 😓 they said not to worry but it ya hard xx

@Kathryn thank you so much qnd sorry to hear you experienced this to 😓❤️

I would go to EPU when you estimate to be between 5-6 weeks so they can see the pregnancy is in the right place. Understandable to be worried. Advocate for yourself to be referred or walk in if there is a walk in epu near you between 5-6 weeks. Otherwise private scan perhaps.

@Kaitlin I know it’s so hard waiting for the appointment for the early scan/checks.. But you need to try your best to not over worry, as it wont change anything just make yourself worse❤️❤️. I hope everything goes ok for you! And yes ruptured ectopic resulting in emergency surgery losing my left tube, I had no idea there was anything wrong until the pain. It’s a horrible thing to go through, no wonder we get so on edge when pregnant again in the early stages! But at least you know what to look for and you’ve got everything under control as best can be, try and think positive 🩷🩷 xx

@Kathryn oh no bless ya my left tube was taken unfortunately 😓 it’s scary process isn’t it nothing can down okay the pain and thank you so much I really appreciate you ❤️

Could you call your GP and ask for HCG blood tests? I know it’s not common practice here but I was very anxious in the beginning because of my past experiences and my GP ordered the blood tests for me so we could see if it was going the right way. A sign of ectopic could be HCG not rising as it should so if you manage to get the blood tests it might put your mind at ease before the scan? I’m so sorry you’re going through the worry 😥 I know it’s very difficult x

I’ve had 3 miscarriages before-2 of them after week 10! It’s really tough to wait and nobody can help unfortunately. In this pregnancy, because of a mistake in dates, I’ve had some early scans in weeks 5&6 but they actually didn’t give me the reassurance I needed at all! I was so early on that they really couldn’t see anything and that’s even more worrying, especially when I compare with prior pregnancies. I have no wise advice to give, other than send happy thoughts. Try to stay busy and time will pass!

@Kaitlin yeah very scary! I’ll never forget it ever. I don’t know anyone else personally that’s been through it apart from on these apps, it so hard for people to understand how horrible it is! 😢 and it’s ok I hope everything turns out fine for you ❤️ xx

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