Where do you do naps?

Does your baby nap downstairs or upstairs during the day? Our little girl has pretty much outgrown her Moses basket so the next step would be swing crib upstairs (this can’t be carried up and down as it’s too heavy) just wondering what everyone else is doing! Thank you :)
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It depends on what I’m doing whether I keep him in the same room as me or not, if I think I might accidentally wake him with noise I put him elsewhere. He’s either on the bed or if he’s in the lounge we tend to just lay an extra blanket on the carpet or he sleeps on his play mat x

In his pushchair when we are downstairs xx

Normally still the moses basket in whatever room I'm in. Occasionally the next to me crib (normally first nap of the day)

My little girl goes in the cot with monitor on so big brother doesn't wake her up and longer naps

Naps and sleep in crib upstairs with monitor on. Really struggle to get her to sleep elsewhere as she gets too distracted if out or if noise/light. Done this for a while so she doesn't get woken by older sister too.

My son daytime naps downstairs as I’m trying to teach him daytime and nighttime so daytime we keep it light and my 3 year old daughter is loud (not on purpose) etc and then nighttime he’s in his cot in his bedroom which is dark etc x

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