Hi mommas.. I need to vent a little bit because I have no one that fully understands what I’m going through rn

I have a 9month old baby. When he was born I ended having really bad depression and rage I did get better over time however i feel as if it came back… he’s been teething and wanting so much attention which I get it he’s a baby still but I just can’t hold him all the time because im cooking or cleaning. Tonight he’s just been crying and not wanting to sleep I’ve gave him about 3 bottles night since that always puts him to sleep but not tonight I put on a movie I had thought that would help him boy was I wrong he had so much energy which he was so tired though I got so sleepy I just lost it and yelled at him which of course I feel horrible and I just don’t know what to do anymore sometimes to help him go back to sleep it’s just been coming so draining that I need space sometimes but he just wants to be with me all the time 😔
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My 11 months old is also teething and just crying since two days. I should say yelling and crying since two days. I lose my temper too many times a day. But at the end we need to be gentle, they are in pain and do not know how to deal with it and express it. Last night I gave baby Tylenol and it helped Him with the pain and he slept. I don’t want or won’t recommend giving Tylenol daily until doc says but when it seems the pain is intolerable, we can give

You are not alone in this struggle. My 9mo is teething and going through it. Super fussy all day and wants to be picked up a lot. Some things that are helping with the teething are frozen fruits we pack into a teether he can hold and some natural calming oil for his gums. My son has been waking up through the night for over a week so we tried a longer wake window before bed of about 4 hours last night and he slept through the night thankfully. Not sure if that’s a permanent thing but I’m going to try it again tonight. Don’t be hard on yourself. You are doing so much and it’s natural to feel overstimulated and just maxed out. I struggle with this a lot. What helps me is just doing deep breaths to release some of those feelings and knowing my son is going through a hard time and doesn’t know how to communicate that. You are doing great, this is not easy 🩷

I’m sorry it’s so right now. It won’t be this way forever.

I know it’s hard to advocate for yourself, we all feel like our needs go on the back burner for this perfect little person we are taking care of, but I would encourage you to talk to your doctor, either a primary care provider, your OB…whoever you feel comfortable with. A lot of PPD and rage lingers a lot longer than people realize and it’s SO much harder to deal with the day to day life when you also have that going on. I started medications about 6months PP and it has been life saving. It really might be worth it to at least have a conversation. ❤️ Also Sondermind.com is a great resource for a simple and fast telemed option to find someone to talk to! You’re doing great, even if it doesn’t feel like it (trust me I know) you are! You wouldn’t be working to find solutions to help your baby if you weren’t, hang in there ❤️

you are not alone ❤️ just take it day by day. if my little one will not sleep I just sit in the rocking chair with the room still dim and give him 20 minutes to crawl around and get his energy out. then repeat the cuddling and soothing for 10-30 min until he is calm, lay him in his crib and leave. repeat until he falls asleep 😴 some days you can’t do it all and that is okay ❤️

I took SSRI medications for the first 5 mo for pp rage/anxiety but had to stop them completely. I don't smoke or drink and my husband is my rock. It's been too hot to take him for walks so I walk around the mall and retail therapy helps. I do some art, support meetings and I tattoo myself which releases adrenaline. Also I take ashwaganda which helps prevent the release of cortisol the "stress hormone" and that helps a lot!

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