Gender disappointment

I just found out I’m having a boy with no chromosomal abnormalities detected, and I’ve found myself feeling …. Sad. This is my first and potentially only child, and I always imagined myself having a girl. I even cried. I should be just happy he’s healthy so far. I think I just don’t have any positive male role models in my family, and I know it can be hard to raise a good man. I also worry the baby won’t relate to me because I’m not into sports and generally just have significantly closer relationships with women. Has anyone else felt similarly? How did you deal?
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I have no real advice as I did have a girl but I know I'd have 100% felt the same as you had she been a boy. I practically cried with relief when the woman doing my gender scan said girl, and still had a mild fear in the back of my mind that she'd read it wrong and my little one would come out a boy 🤦🏻‍♀️ I know I'd have loved him either way but I absolutely understand gender disappointment! All I can advise is what I'd have done myself - look up boy names, go shopping and look at all the cute boy clothes, read about/look at cute videos about boys and boy mums (because boys are notoriously closer to their mums, especially when they're little!) It's so conflicting to feel this way but I'm sure the further you progress the better you'll feel, and once he's here you'll forget you wanted a girl 💙

I am in the same boat! Not much of disappointment but scared! It seems so much harder to raise a MAN then a WOMAN. I have always imagined myself having a girl so did my husband. I guess we get used with time and we learn how to love our little guy as soon as we can feel it moving. 🩵🤍

(Also had 99% of the family hoping for a girl at the gender reveal so it wasn’t easy to process

Hormones weigh into this making it hard to rationalize how we might normally if not pregnant. This happened to me when I had my first and honestly it’s true when they say little boys are obsessed with their mommas. In the moment though I think it’s totally valid to feel this way.

I had gender disappointment when I found out my baby was a boy as I’d always imagined having a girl. However, now he is here he is my entire heart. He’s the sweetest, cheekiest, happiest, most wholesome little boy and he’s a total and utter mummy’s boy. I truly believe I was given what I needed not what I wanted. I’m grateful I get the opportunity to raise a boy into a man that I’d have wanted my daughter to marry. I love him so much so that we want one more baby god willing and I’d be so so happy if it was another boy so he had a brother. Once baby is here you won’t see your life being different and won’t be able to imagine your baby having been a girl.. it’ll all make sense in the end 🩵

Gender disappointment is so real! I was sad for about 2 weeks after finding out I was having a boy, I so badly wanted a girl. However he’s 11 months now and I’m pretty sure I’m one and done and I do not feel a single bit of longing for a girl! I absolutely love being a boy mum, and even if I had 5 more kids that were all boys I’d be happy x

I personally don’t really understand gender disappointment but that doesn’t mean your feelings aren’t 💯 validated. I have no advice other than I’m sure your feelings of love and joy will counteract your feelings of sadness very soon xx

I understand your disappointment. We already have a 20 month old girl and we had hoped for a girl. This time around when I found out this one is also a girl I almost cried at my gender reveal because I was so convinced she was a boy and desperately wanted a boy this time (even had a name picked for a boy but not a girl). It took me a while to come to terms with it. I'm now so excited for her to arrive and only 2 weeks till due date. You are valid to feel the way you do. I didn't speak to anyone about my feelings out of fear of being judged. You will still love the life you are creating unconditionally. Chin up mama, it gets easier ❤️

I’m in the opposite boat where I’m afraid that I’m going to be disappointed if I’m having another girl. While I adore baby girls I’ve always pictured myself having one of each, and since this is my last baby I’m desperately hoping for a boy. But truthfully as long as it’s healthy I know I’ll be happy.

same boat this may be my only child and i always wanted a boy but im having a girl. either way im happy as long as shes healthy and ill love her to death i just always wanted a boy because im more into cars and sports and not princess’s and barbies. no matter what once your baby is born you’ll fall in love immediately and know that it’ll all be worth it 🖤

Gender disappointment is totally normal. I always imagined my first would be a boy. We recently discovered it’s a girl. I’m not a super big girly girl and am a little anxious about it BUT there are so many benefits to each one. It might take some getting used to but, from what I hear, the minute you hold that kid in your arms? You’re gonna love that little thing to death and wouldn’t have them any other way

I understand you and i think once you start buying baby boy things you will get excited. I had a boy first and didn’t care what they were gonna be but for my second pregnancy i was hoping for a girl to have one and one and be done but I truly believe god gives you what you need not what you want like a previous comment said. My oldest needed a brother. They are the bestest of friends. Im currently pregnant with my third and i pray they are healthy because i have a special needs child and don’t want another child of mine to struggle. So try to be happy your baby seems healthy. Take time, your feelings are valid and im sure once they get here you will love them so much🤍

My first through IVF we only had one good embryo and he was a boy. I’ve always had fetility issues, but the one embryo worked and now he’s 13 months old. I never saw myself being a boy mom, but once he’s here, he’s great. Now I can’t see myself not being a boy mom. So much so, that when we found out that I’m expecting again (naturally conceived) that I was hoping for another boy so that he could have a brother to grow up with….. Just found out that I’m having a girl and I feel lost all over again. I’m super excited though. All that to say that once your little boy is here he will steal your heart. And there is still a chance that you’ll get your girl. We tried when we were ready and it worked within 3 months of trying.

Thank you for the reassurance everyone ❤️ I’m trying to adjust and look at videos of cute, sensitive little boys in tiktok like Recess Therapy 🤣

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