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Hi everyone, my little boy is 14 months old and since he was about 5/6 months I have always questioned weather or not he has autism. He is still yet to say his first word and repeatedly just chants to same word in a tune. He gets highly irritated in busy social settings and when it comes to going out and meeting new people he isn’t himself. He waves when I ask him to etc but if someone was to wave at him or smile he just looks straight through them. I have also recently noticed he is flapping his hands. This happens when he gets excited or when food is coming lol so I don’t no if that’s normal baby behaviour or it’s stimming. Another thing is he doesn’t show affection and hates hugs and still doesn’t give kisses etc. I’m speaking to a paediatrician today about it but I just thought I would come on here and see if anyone has gone through this with any of there children. X
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My oldest was exactly like this at this age! I am assuming it is normal for some babies, as he doesn’t have autism, and by 2 was behaving completely ‘normally’

I have similar worries all the time as my boy isn't talking much too. And does flap his arms around sometimes. And does some funny noises. I think it's just very difficult to say what's normal and what's not at this age 😕 and we end up panicking for everything lol.

My little girl does talk a lot and has great eye contact but she also repeats the same sound often (it isn’t a word) almost like she is clearing her throat or has a tick, she flaps her arms all the time and very rarely hugs anyone. She actually gets really upset if my husband picks her up for a hug. I too worry about autism/adhd. It is tricky as so many of these are just normal developmental behaviours. I would like to know how it goes with the paediatrician if you wouldn’t mind sharing? X

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