Does she need a doctor?

My LG has been off colour this week, cough and cold and had her 12 jabs yesterday. She had a temp spike last night, one dose of calpol sorted her out. Temp is OK today but she's still snotty with quite a nasty cough at times, she's only drank 220ml today so far but projectile vomited after a 130ml so probably only got about 100ml inside her. She just did a 90ml and has fallen fast asleep refusing anymore (normally takes 150-180). I'm waiting for a HV to ring me back but worried FTM, does she need a doctor or do I ride it out? Can 12 week jabs make them sleepy over 24 hours later? I'm so stressed but don't want to waste a Dr's time x
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Don’t ever worry about wasting drs time, they want to see babies who have any symptoms. It’s likely nothing. Either the injections (my girl had hers yesterday and temperature is still up and down). Or it’s a common cold and they will get over it very soon. But for your own peace of mind I would ring your Gp, tell them you have a 12 week old with some symptoms and would like them checked and I’m sure they will make time to see them. My surgery is amazing when it comes to babies and kids, they’ve even rang me up to check on them days later out of just knowing I was worried!

@Amelia thank you!! I've spoken to the HV now and feel a bit better, will monitor this afternoon and if not will contact doctor later on. It was such bad timing having her jabs while she's also a bit poorly 😫

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