Anyone else's LO do this?

It doesn't happen very often but a few times now my 9 week old has been really really fussy. I end up putting her over my shoulder and just bobbing around the room with her and she just sits there, really settled, staring at things. After a little while she doses off so I lay her in the moses basket. She then wakes up about a minute later but doesn't cry. Instead she just lies there looking at the moses basket, moving her hands around touching the sides and cooing to herself. I feel guilty that she's awake just lying there but she seems happy? Is that normal? Do they tend to like to just lying there doing nothing?
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My baby (9 weeks) does this all the time, it creeps me out 🤣 unless I'm trying to get chores etc done, I tend to pick her up and hold her instead because I feel bad haha. Don't want her to feel like I've just abandoned her. Even if she doesn't seem to mind🤣

She's not really doing nothing, at this stage their brains are stimulated and developing so much even just while they're lying there looking at their own hands or thinking about things they can see and feel. I wouldn't worry about it at all, it's also great that she can be awake and chill without needing any kind of stimulus - if she can get used to that it bodes well for when you want to do things like travel or go out for a meal 😊

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