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Hi, Has anyone who suffered from PGP and bought a support found that it helped? I am 39 weeks, I have been pretty much stuck in the house for the last 2 months other than occasional trips to shop as if I walk to long it's very painful. However the last week it has become excruciating and I can barely do anything now. I was crying hoovering the bedroom yesterday and struggled to get on off bed or sofa. I am 39 weeks today and was hoping to just hold out but feeling a bit desperate now as I couldn't sleep at all last night due to being uncomfortable so considering buying a support belt to get through the last wee bit. Anyone any recommendations or advice? I am doing the usual, hot water bottles, baths, keeping legs together, pain relief and pillows between legs.
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I think I started having more serious PGP around 28 weeks if not earlier so I bought a band a long time ago but I didn’t use it as often as I was expecting. In my experience I don’t find it helps that much in general, but maybe my expectations were just too high. It did more when my belly was smaller, but at 39 weeks with a huge bump I don’t feel it makes a difference personally. Moving on the ball helps me more with the pain

I am also struggling to sleep because of this, or to do much of anything. I completely feel you, you’re not alone. I was also crying last week because I was just feeling so useless, tired and in pain so I had a bit of a meltdown. But we’re almost there at 39 weeks, we just need to hold on for a few more days

@Diana thank you. Its awful, I want to get stuff organised but I am just crying in pain. I had thought baby wasn't far away as had lots of contractions, braxton hicks but it's died away over last couple of days so assume it was false Labour. Yeah I have been using the ball which has been good and baths give instant relief but as soon as I stand up it's instantly back. Wish I could just stay in the bath till baby is born 🤣 Sorry to hear you are struggling too. But yeah nearly there. Just feels this last month is taking an eternity!!

Yep started at 28 weeks and it’s been fricking miserable 😞 now 37 weeks. I bought support bands early on which do help when I need to walk about but they’re not a miracle cure and with them comes sweatiness on hot days (we’ve not had too many) pressure on your bladder so need to pee even more so added removal of bands which you’re velcroed up to the hilt and can make your belly itchy if wearing underneath clothes. I wouldn’t let that put you off though as it does help. I was referred to physio but found any gentle exercise made it worse. Resting on my side helps but I feel miserable and stuck in the house when I wanted to be out and about enjoying my maternity leave. I was also told to take codeine and paracetamol. I had to get a prescription for codeine because chemist didn’t want to give me over counter. You can get partner or friend to buy over counter though. My consultant & midwife both okayed it and said I could get someone else to get it for me if chemist being tricky.

@Joanna sorry to hear you are also struggling. It is horrendous. Was really looking forward to nesting and getting organised and I am only fit for one task a day, before I am struggling 🥲 I ordered one of amazon, it was only 20 quid so hopefully it does something, even if it just helps me get some house work done it would help. Thanks for the tips. I live in Scotland and haven't had a hot day for weeks, (can't believe I was worried about being pregnant in the heat 😅) Sadly codeine makes me super sick and don't think I can handle that on the top of everything else 🙈 my parents have set their hot tub to 38 degrees and that is giving me immense relief but again as soon as I get out the pain is back. Thank you for your tips!

@Mikaila yeah I do find a nice warm bath does give me relief. Sorry to hear you can’t take codeine, to be honest even with codeine and paracetamol I can’t say I feel it gives me that much relief. I hear you with the one task a day. I got my belt from Amazon, it was an nhs approved one and 4 way belt.

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