How much is your baby drinking

For those who’s babies don’t drink much my baby is 7 months old and is still only taking 4oz we have tried putting him up 5/6oz but he doesn’t want it he’s also having breakfast and dinners but I feel he’s not getting enough milk in him through the day as I’m seeing other babies his age on 7/9oz just feel like I’m failing my baby
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Mine will have 4-7oz depending on the time of the day! Dont worry about feed size, look at milk in 24 hours. You still want around 21oz per day, doesnt matter how its carved up. I mean this with so much love but how could you be failing your baby when its his choice to not drink any more lol you are taking his lead ❤️

@CeeCeeThank you I’m just worrying myself seeing other babies drink so much more than what mine is and feel he’s behind and that he should be drinking more 🤦🏻‍♀️ but again thank you I needed to hear that❤️

My boy (8 months yesterday) only just gets to 21-25 oz max in a day ☺️ he can vary per bottle from 4-5oz to 6oz. He’s never taken more than 6.5oz per feed. You’re doing great and as CeeCee said you’re taking baby’s lead ☺️

My lg has never had bigger than a 5oz bottle She usually has around 5bottles a day at least 2 of them she has 1-2oz the other 2 3-4oz and the last one which is a dream feed 5oz sometimes 4oz Remember all babies are different and same as us their metabolism works different to others

We’re on 3 8 ounce bottles a day now + breakfast, yoghurt for lunch and dinner. My girl has always been a hungry baby for some reason, but don’t worry too much. As long as you’re getting 21 ounces a day in you should be good. Also, when we was going through bottle refusal stage I used to add milk to her food. She’s a formula baby so I’d just make her breakfast with her formula etc to make up some of her intake as well

My baby still only ever takes 90ml a feed and sometimes doesn’t even finish that. However she’s following her centile line perfectly so I’m not worried! Babies are clever and will take exactly how much they need.

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