Bedtime snacks

Do you give your kid(s) a snack before bedtime? If so, what do you give them?
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I try to avoid bedtime snacks, however if my daughter is hungry before bedtime she'll have either grapes/cucumber or a cookie. Most of the time, she's thirsty rather than hungry. ☺️

We sometimes eat dinner on the early side so they'll usually have a snack sometime between dinner and bedtime. String cheese, fruit, crackers. Stuff like that.

We do dinner pretty close to bedtime, but a big 8z cup of milk is what saves us 🙏🏻

I give my kids a snack around 10:30am. It's whatever they want for a snack. Lunch is noon, 2 is another snack, that one has to be healthy, fruit, yogurt etc. Dinner is at 6, so snack after dinner is like 8:30 and that's fruit.

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