Car Seat Breakthroughs

For those with babies who once hated the car seat but now tolerate it and are actually happy or quiet during a car journey: A) any tips for me and my 7week old who hates his infant carrier/car seat? B) was it overnight or was it over time? C) what car seat did/do you use? D) how old was your LO when they stoped hating the car seat? Desperate mama who is tired of the stress that comes with driving with LO is screaming hysterically no matter what I try 😞
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We got a tablet for the backseat. Was a 180 with driving. My son has always hated any type of container. He wants to be free. The only thing I wish is that we would have gotten one sooner 🤣 hes a year and now tolerates bring back there without it on. Any drive over 30 min though I turn it on

I need to follow this because I’m in the same situation

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