They say it takes a village to raise a child and I think after 2 years I’ve realise I don’t have a village at all, other then my partner I don’t have anyone I’m really struggling atm with my sons behaviour and how he is in certain situations, which probably is down to his age and terrible 2’s but it’s made me think today I don’t have any support and I’m finding it really hard. My mum acts like she wants to be this great nana and photos and posts on fb but unless I’m the one to say let’s do this, let’s go here etc, we don’t see her. I’ve put it to the test now and not suggested we do anything since the end of May and we haven’t seen her at all, no suggestion to go and do anything How do you manage without that village?
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Can you use childcare even just for a few hours a week

We are in a similar situation besides my parents are too far and we use childcare, but only because we both work full time. Honestly, I think it's just it is what it is and it will get easier. We knew we were gonna be on our own so this probably made it easier from the start. We try to take turns in the little spare time we have, to go to the gym and try not to beat ourserlves up when the house looks like a tip. As for the terrible two's, this will pass too. We are deep in it now. It is hard but bubs made up a song about wanting a balloom yesterday. As tough as it is, it is also quite funny imo. And it's really not forever.

I immigrated, so apart from my husband, I had no one during my pregnancy, delivery, postpartum and now my baby is 15 months old. Was it hard, yes the most difficult thing I have ever done but since I started daycare, parenting feels a little less overwhelming. Also maybe we knew we are on our own, helped! But you can consider sending him to daycare even for few hours a week. It really helps you keep sane. Hope this helps :)

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