I don’t have pregnancy test at the moment hence this post

I’m 12 dpo and period expected in 5 days. Period like cramps and I held off testing because of disappointments. Went to pee and saw mucus with reddish brownish streaks, very light. Took an ovulation test strip as I have no pregnancy test and it’s almost a positive I mean just look at it.. which is weird cos I had my LH peak on 28 June. I’m not sure if I should test because either way I will be disappointed. Should I test? :(
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I would test to find out if it is picking up hcg but also if it isn't, then this could be a 2nd peak for LH and I'd want to know if that were the case too! Better informed for next month.

Congratulations! Get your bloodwork done so you can keep an eye on the hcg level. I hope it goes well!

Congratulations! Praying for you

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