I have just been advised to start taking Metformin. For those who have also started taking this, did you actually notice any improvement in your levels/glucose readings?
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Yes all green after taking metformin for a week

I’ve just started on this on Monday as my pre breakfast readings were high, had my lowest reading this morning but did take it later than previous mornings. When googling about metformin I found an article to say it can take from 48 hours to a week to work but the consultant I saw said the dosage may need raising as I’m on the lowest dose

Sure has! Its been helping me enjoy my foods without guilt!

No I didn’t and felt worse on it

Taking the tablets was fine (after the first 3days! 💩) they reduced my fasting numbers but not enough so ended up on insulin at bedtime aswell

I am already on metformin for pcos and have just been diagnosed with GD so I guess they haven’t been working for me 😩 assuming I will be on insulin just waiting on an appointment xx

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