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How long do you stay at the hospital after a planned c section? If everything goes well and there’s no problems.
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I was in hospital for 36 hours total - including the bit before surgery. Baby was born at 11:39 and I was out by 19:00 the next day.

I had an elective, just caveating it as planned c-sections generally include all c-sections that are for medical reasons so breach etc etc so sometimes more risks going into them, stress for mum etc which can impact what happens once baby is here. My two were entirely down to maternal choice. The first I was in at 7am and discharged the following day at 1pm. My second was also in for 7am also discharged the following day but at 2pm

Went in at 11:30 on Thursday, left at 5pm on Friday.

I had category 3 c section and my total admission was 82 hours. This was due to post delivery complications ( blood pressure).

Thank you all🩷

I had baby at 11am Tuesday and was discharged by 2pm Wednesday :)

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