Going for section instead of induction cause of babies size

Can anyone tell me some positive c section stories? I hope I’m making the right decision for me and baby after what information I’ve been given. My last birth was quite traumatic and long and it took quite a strain on my heart I had to stay in cause I lost a lot of blood and have an X-ray of my heart to make sure it was ok as it was going crazy. I don’t want to risk that or putting baby in danger. I also don’t like the idea of induction. I’d much rather go into Labour naturally if I was going to. So after a hard think I opted for c section. Going to QMC. Was there for a growth scan yesterday. Also how long does it take for them to contact you with a date? As I’ve not heard anything yet Has anyone got any *positive* stories similar? Thanks
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Just had my baby via emergency C-section and I’d say all my previous worries was for nothing. Barely took 2hrs I think and now I’m cuddling baby boy in my arms

I had a emergency c section with my boy being breech. It was the most chilled out experience. I was literally chatting away to the ob and midwife throughout. I believe if it's a planned one, you can take music in. So that might be good to help chill you out. I took pain relief in the hospital the following day because they kept giving it to me but I was home after 24hrs and didn't need anything else. From start to finish I'd say it took about 45 minutes if that. It was so quick. I wouldn't necessarily plan on having one again but if I needed it, I wouldn't hesitate at all xx

I had an emergency C-section due to baby being breech in Feb at QMC, the team were amazing and I was back home within 24 hours! As the above said was chatting away to the team, could put on music, I was saying how worried I was that I'd feel it etc but the surgeon was already at the baby and they were just having a laugh with me! One of the women was photographer for us and took all out photos so we could be in the moment! From the moment they saw my baby was breech, she was in my arms within 30 minutes! I was up and walking about too with 6 hours (there was no keeping me in bed 😅) the strangest part is going to the loo when you can't feel anything 🙈 and for me the worst part was how itchy I was from the pain meds 😅 You and baby will be absolutely fine, don't let it worry you 😊 and if your surgeon is named Sunday, you're in the best hands! He was incredible for me! Xx

Thanks everyone, it’s good to hear positive stories, helps with the nerves of the unknown 😅😅. I just hope I’m making the right decision it’s so hard to know what’s right. But I feel like knowing what’s coming and being organised and prepared mentally, will help be a more positive experience. I think I’m more nervous about just what it’s gonna feel like and the healing process but I have had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy before and had 3 incisions and I know that was somewhat painful healing and I know this is a bigger incision but at least I know somewhat what it could feel like healing. And I was out to sleep for that obviously so I’m nervous about feeling the tugging etc 🫣😅

I honestly felt nothing not even tugging I was just lay there having the time of my life and then when your baby is placed on you that's all you think about, you don't even realise what's cracking down there! I'd also say recovery is how you choose to recover! I didn't want to stay in bed any longer than I had to, was up walking about obviously not over doing it but just pottering made me feel so much better! 😊

@Korina-Louise thankyou so much, this has made me feel so much better. 🥰 I’m 36 weeks currently and should be having one around 39’weeks just waiting on a date😊. I had my daughter at city, this time at Qmc so not sure what to expect there either but I’m sure it will be fine 😊

I had a c section a year ago and it was so calm and wonderful. I had my own playlist on and everything explain to me, the staff with wonderful. Mine was planned for the week after as my baby was breech but my waters broke and I went into early labour so it was a kind of emergency. I was still allowed music and my birth plan. I'd do it again if I have another.

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