Hi everyone I had my 20 week scan yesterday, second baby, and was told i have a low lying placenta and that i would have a scan around 32 weeks to check if it has moved at all, has anyone else had this and then gone onto have a natural birth? I really want to avoid a c section as due to a condition i have i would have to undergo a general anaesthetic Just looking for some positivity really
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Really common for it to move upwards as your uterus grows and stretches upwards. That's why the scan is booked to see where it is in your third trimester and whether they need to make any plans for birth. Try not to worry

I was told the same at my scan on Monday. Did they say if placenta was anterior or posterior?

I had this with my first. Low lying will usually move as the uterus grows. If it was across the cervix they’d be more concerned but you have a good chance it’ll be up and out of the way by 32 weeks.

@Elena posterior on back wall x

Thankyou everyone its reassuring to hear

It is very common! If I remember rightly, 1% of pregnancies end up having to be a C-section due to placenta pravia. It only needs to move 2cm, and if yours is 'just' low lying and not completely covering the cervix at the moment then it's very very likely that it will move. Mine had moved by the time I had a 28 week scan

I had this and it moved up

I had this! I was told 90% of the time by 32 weeks it will have moved! At my 32 week scan it had but I still planned a c section due to an emergency c sect with my first and complications. I ended up going into labour a week before my c sect and had a vaginal birth as he was out within the hour of labour starting and everything happened so quickly!😅

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