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Hi, I had my little girl on the 9th and I’m breastfeeding her. I bottle fed my first so it’s completely new. She was latching great at the hospital and it was fine. Now, it just feels painful. It hurts more and more each feed to the point I don’t even want her on at all. I really want to breastfeed but is it supposed to be this painful? They said she was latching fine at the hospital but it’s just hurt more and more each feed. I don’t know weather it’s just because I’m not used to it yet or if it’s because she’s not latching properly. I’ve tried repositioning her multiple times but it’s the same each time. She’s so impatient too, so I hardly get a chance ti position her correctly. Thanks.
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My midwife told me this morning that it’s always going to hurt at some point and anyone who says it won’t is lying! Even babies in perfect position can hurt. She said it’s because your nipples haven’t been used in this way before, they will eventually get used to it. She said to use Lanolin cream!

@Jess Thank you! I’m gonna buy some of the nipple cream next time I go out. Do you know how long it can take before you get used to it because I’ve started dreading when she needs a feed 😭

I'd definitely recommend nipple cream, I know with my first I went through this and as said above it definitely does have a painful stage in the beginning. I nearly gave up because of this, You could contact your midwife to see if they have a breastfeeding team who can come access you and baby. Wishing you luck x

In my experience, the first few weeks are pretty rough and your nipples take a hammering. They do say if you have a good latch it won’t, but I swear those first few weeks are rough regardless. It massively improved afterwards. I found nipples shields to be an absolute god send with my first. They are advised against, but I found with my first he actually learnt to latch with them on - he had been bottle fed initially as my milk didn’t come in for quite some time. I tried everything and getting him to latch properly was a nightmare.

I’ve heard silver nipple cups are meant to be really good! 3days pp and also finding mine are sore, especially because she isn’t latching well onto my engorged boobs. The joys! I remember with my first it being like this but in a couple of weeks it will be much better! X

I could have wrote this myself! 2 weeks EBF and it’s soooo sore! Baby hates the left breast and struggles to latch but I think that’s because my nipple has gone misshaped from poor latching. I am desperate to EBF but it does get to the point where I dread having to pop her on the breast. Now my right breast is getting sore. I use nipple cream & the silver cups. I’m praying it will soon get easier. I wish people spoke about how painful it can be as I was under the impression with correct latch it wouldn’t be painful x

Those first few weeks are rough. I would sometimes cry out with the shock of that first attachment for a feed and like you with my first I had a good latch and there was no problem with the technique. I think it’s to be expected, nipples are sensitive things and they suddenly have to get used to having something attached to them sucking hard for hours on end! It’s no wonder they need to toughen up. As others have said; it gets SO much easier. Didn’t think I’d make it to 3 months and in the end breast fed for 2 1/2 years. Back at it again with my 5 day old daughter. No one tells you, like so much in pregnancy how bloody hard some things are. Wishing you lots of good things in your own breast feeding journey!

I’ve started to pump instead, much prefer it.

Lots of lanolin cream, get baby horizontal across your chest, with your nipple to their nose. Squeeze your nipple either side (not top and bottom, think like a baby taking a bite out of a sandwich) Wait until they take a big wide mouth and baby’s head to boob rather than boob to baby. It will probably hurt to begin with but then should ease off. (And then eventually shouldn’t hurt at all) Also make sure their bottom lip is all curled out and not tucked into their mouth with your nipple. It can also be really helpful to have a partner help to begin with with holding and gently pushing babies head rather doing it all yourself while getting use to it. Good luck and the best advice I got with my first was don’t give up on a bad day! X

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