Night wakes

I'm not sure if my son is waking more frequently because he's ready to drop to 1 nap or if it's because he's getting better at walking, so some developmental leap. This boy refused to eat or drink milk a month ago, and now he can't be filled. I'd much prefer him wanting food and milk (ofc). But last night was extreme. He had a bed bottle at 9pm, a night bottle at 1am and he got up at 4.30am then I decided to try at bottle at 6am and he drank most of it. Up until recently he didn't even want his bed bottle and would last all night without a feed. Is this signs of 1 nap readiness? I might bring back a day bottle if this continues.
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Omg. You are living my life. He was sleeping through the night. Now he fusses in his cot, last night he had a bottle at 7pm for bed, then 11pm then 5:30am. Struggles to settle in his cot. Same thing aswell, he’s getting better at walking and is trying to drop a nap. I spoke to a trainer at his baby group and they said it’s becasue babies and infant process everything through sleep xxx

Makes it feel more normal. Thank you for the reply. I'm going to try and give more calorie dense foods through the day now he's walking. I don't think a pouch for lunch is filling enough. Hopefully it helps. That's so interesting! Thank you.

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