Eating at night

By baby had a good schedule we put her down around 9-10pm and she would wake up 5-7. Last few days she’s been waking around 3am to eat … do I need her start feeding her more throughout the day or why is she doing this now
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How many ounces are you feeding and how often??

@Heather every 2 hrs 3.5 ounces

I think that’s a good measurement. If you go up to 4oz does she spit up too much? Or have you tried that yet? Also, are you changing her diaper through the night?

i’ve noticed a big increase in my little man’s appetite recently, he eats up to 40oz a day or so (honestly can’t keep track haha) and generally has a wake up around 4am when he used to sleep solidly from 9-7. it’s helping him sleep longer in the morning though so i’m not complaining haha

@Heather this didn’t help! She woke up even earlier this night 🥲

@Ali I’m sorry. All babies are different, but just keep trying new things or finding a different routine until something works for you. I know it can be hard sometimes, but on challenging days like this I just remember to be thankful that my baby even woke up 🫶🏼

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