Acid Reflux So Bad

I’m due end of October early November and I just started getting acid reflux so bad. It feels like fire caught in my throat. Does anyone have any suggestion s? I’m hoping to find a more natural solution than just popping Tums or getting a prescription.
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I had to get a prescription because my acid reflux and heart burn were so bad and sitting up at night didn't help and even drinking water caused it so cutting out food was not going to work. Sorry I don't know more natural ways of getting rid of it.

Hey there! Ive dealt with acid reflux along with esophagitis pre pregnancy and still do now. The trick is to isolate ypur food and drink triggers and try to indulge in those less, i also do breathing exercises when i feel the acid reflux flaring & if i start choking (my esophagus contracts abnormally). Heres an article i found: How To Relieve Heartburn and Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

Unfortunately for me all the natural remedies are making it worse. I’m popping tums like candy but Im about to ask for a prescription because it’s so bad and with my nausea coming back i just want relief

You can take some prescription ones and this are the only ones that helped me. It will come and go. Also avoid to fat and to salty etc food

Owe over the counter omeprazole. It works like a charm for me.

Ginger tea has worked for me and making sure to stay upright for at least an hour after eating

Avoid fatty/greasy foods, be sure to stay upright after eating and no eating for 3 hours before bed. The natural hasn't worked for me but pepcid has been a blessing.

Weird to say but I put my brush down my throat and throw up then the heart burn disappears

Coconut water works

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