When to get a Toddler tower?

LO is nearly 13 months, she can pull to stand but is not walking or even cruising yet. I am unsure if this is too early for one. I feel bad when I am in the kitchen that I am just sticking her in her highchair as she gets bored. I know she would enjoy watching while being on it but as she can't walk I am worried it might be too early for one?
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If you plan to get one anyways you could get it and then if not quite ready just keep trying until the right time. My girl is 12.5 months and been walking since 11 months and pulling up/cruising from 7 months so has great strength and we got it for her birthday but she’s even a bit unsure on it. I thought she’d love it as always wanting to see what we are doing and be lifted up and inquisitive but I guess it feels different standing higher up and she’s getting used to it still. She can now climb up into it but getting down is tricky and she needs help. So I think you’d probably find it’s too early but no harm getting familiar with it. Also I stupidly had her watching me make pancakes and didn’t realise her hand was just within reach of the pan and she touched it and her poor hand had a burn blister 😭 so just a word of warning as I think I’m super cautious and always thinking about risk but still missed this. I think when she’s 15+ months it’ll be a great investment.

My son got his at 14 months and loved it straight away, but he was independently standing at 10 months and walking just before 12. My daughter is nearly 13 months and not independently standing or walking, only cruising and pulling up. I won't put her in it until she is confidently standing for long periods as if she tries to sit down she would fall out! I think you know your kid best and if you think they would stand for ages that's fine, but if not then honestly it's just another safety thing to worry about while you're cooking 😅

I'd honestly say about 2 years old!

We have one as my 3 year old uses it. My one year old has started to climb in it and stand but can’t get back out and would fall if I wasnt watching him. So In honesty I’d say not yet and may wait until they are a little bigger. Maybe 18 months

They are supposed to walk independently in order to be in one x

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