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Is there anything I can do to try get this baby out? I’ve heard of curb walking/eating dates but is there anything else?
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I’ve heard that nothing really does help but being active will encourage baby to drop, and sex can release oxytocin which is the hormone related to labour so those may help?

My midwife said sex or nipple stimulation can help x

The only things with any evidence - and very little evidence - is sex and nipple stimulation. The sex is due to prostoglandins in sperm (same hormone used in a medical induction) plus the release of oxytocin. And nipple stimulation also releases oxytocin and can trick your body into believing that it is feeding a baby. But it's really really limited evidence- like a trial of just 30 women. Everything else is purely anecdotal because you have no idea how close the woman was to giving birth when she started curb walking or taking clary sage baths. Sorry that that's probably not what you want to hear! 😂X

Relaxing! For plenty of oxytocin. I tried to enforce my labour so many times and the one day I finally relaxed (I had an induction date) I had a hot bath, expressed colostrum and put a series on in a dark room and my waters went 45 minutes later. Read up on what ‘oxytocin’ likes and trying and surround yourself in those settings xxx

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