Struggling to go outside..

I have a one year old boy, but I am struggling to go out with him, it's been raining almost daily lately and we don't drive sadly, how do you entertain your kids when you don't drive? I don't have a garden and I live on the third floor.
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Metro Centre, soft plays, Hancock/Discovery museum. Things like that! I don't drive either but raincoat/rain cover for the pram to the bus stop and it's fine. In this country if you didn't go out when it was bad weather you never would unfortunately 🤷‍♀️

@Christa your right, but I live far from everything, I love the metro center when I was single and alone, but now the baby cries Everytime I go out and I need to take two buses there 😭

Have you tried a carrier? Baby might be more settled?

I’m the same, I don’t drive and takes 2 busses to get to most places. My little one’s a little bit older but We sit on the bus and ‘see what we can find’ so we look for different coloured busses, dogs, wagons etc. keeps him entertained. If he’s walking, wrap him up in warm clothes, buy one of those rain suits, wellies, hats etc and go out in the rain. Mine loves jumping in puddles and playing in the mud.

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