Anyone else with multiple kids get annoyed by this?

So my mom had texted me at 9:40 I read it but did not respond bc my 1 year old was still going insane (we had ice cream with my mil and my sis in law and my nephew (her son who's 9 months old) I've been chasing around a 5 year old a 3 year old abd 1 year old(my kids) then on top of that my nephew as well as my sis in law would just get up and go outside or something my husband (even with 2 fractured arms was fishing all day) so it was me by myself majority with 4 kids from the age of 5 to 9 months old while being 22w4d pregnant when I say I was exhausted I was exhausted so I really didn't have the energy to reply to no one really after my 1 year old went to bed at around 10:30 I crashed with here idk why people get mad at us moms with multiple kids and pregnant when we go to bed instead of replying first 😮‍💨
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That’s a lot. You trying to settle your own kids but your SIL should’ve got her own child. You definitely burned yourself out. I would mention it passing to husband. You aren’t a babysitter and you’re pregnant as well. Sorry this happened.

I feel this my mom seems to always test me then it’s bed time for my little one and gets peed I don’t text back. I really want to post something about not living my life on my phone but every time I say something not always having my phone I’m essentially told I’m lying

@Kamari 💛 I totally feel this!

@Jo'Nique if I try he says "okay and how's that my fault"

@Victoria Aguilar That’s still not right but if they want to play that game don’t let your SIL kid stress you out. I know it’s hard ignoring a kid but you gotta do it. Your sanity is in jeopardy. Your husband should step in but sometimes they don’t but you have to put your foot down. That’s too much stress for you and your unborn plus your other babies

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