Help! Weaning dummy for night sleeps?

My LO is 3.5 months and he’s been obsessed with the dummy since birth as the hospital chucked it in his mouth when he was in special care 🙄 So far I’ve been ok with it as it really did help soothe him without always having to be picked up or rocked to bed but now that he is getting towards 4 months he is starting to fuss at night when his dummy falls out of his mouth and I am thinking it’s probably better to wean him off it so he doesn’t continue this up until his 8 or 9 months when he could be doing some good sleeps at night. If it wasn’t for the dummy, he only wakes up for 1-2 feeds in the night! Has anyone gone through this and how did you wean dummy during night sleeps?
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My baby loves his pacifier. He would cry when it falls. I only recommend using it for sleep and car rides. During the day, play with him so he won't feel like he needs it. Every baby is different. He may fall asleep fine without it, or he may not. My baby is 18m and we still use it for sleep.

my lo only uses his to smooth when his had enough he spits it out, I did attempt to take it away and he then started teething and I couldn't see him in pain

@diana` does your baby keep waking up throughout the night when it falls out still or does he just sleep with it?

It may not work now, but when he’s able to grab and put things into his mouth you can put like 5-10 pacifiers around him in the crib so if it falls out he can always find one to put back in.

Pacifiers are such a great tool for lowering sids risk. I honestly would deal with the occasional wake up to pop it back in or even try a different style to see if the shape helps. My first never took one, he preferred my boob (for the month we breastfed) and then he ear of a stuffy he slept with. My second was a thumb sucker but I was able to get him moved to a pacifier. He's 8 months now and only uses it to fall asleep. It falls out shortly after and he sleeps fine, just took a little bit to get there

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