Eye discharge

Has anyone else come across their LO getting eye discharge particularly when they cry or sleep. She had it in one eye a few weeks ago and that cleared up. Now it's appeared in the other. I've been cleaning with water. Has anyone else come across this?
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From my knowledge it’s probably a clogged tear duct it should go away on its own use warm compression and try not to rub it my daughters started off like that and got worse if you notice it getting worse contact your baby dr

If you’re breastfeeding, 1-2 drops of breastmilk can help

My son had this until he was almost one! It’s a blocked tear duct and if it persists after a year old they tell you to go to the gp x

My girl had this for what seemed like ages! It just stopped on its own, I just kept it clean.

My little one has this atm, had it on and off since he was born. My GP has said to just put a warm compress on it for a few minutes every time he's asleep then wipe away x

My girl has that for a week, we cleaned it with water but didn’t see an improvement for a few days, what helped clear it was breast milk on a makeup pad and wipe the gunk away every time it appears and it went away the next day

Thank you all for your reassurance. Will keep cleaning it and hopefully it will clear up soon x

@Julia yap, I was doing the same thing, we had this for 5 days. Was wiping before each feed with warm boiled water, should clean in the direction from the end of the eye to tear duct.

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