Hair loss post partum

Before birth, I was told I might have post partum hair loss but I didn’t realise it would be to this extent. It started this week and I’m 10 weeks pp. Does anyone have any tips how to prevent it or help their hair regrow?
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You can’t really prevent it tbh. It’s totally normal and linked to hormones. It’s because you don’t shed as much during pregnancy so this is your hair getting back to normal growth patterns. I know it feels extreme, I’m going through it now and expect thin patches like I got after my first baby but it does grow back.

I knew to expect it too, but was quite shocked at how much it actually came out and dreaded every hair wash day. But it does stop, as hard as it is to believe when you’re going through it, it does slow down and does eventually stop. x

I said that it’s normal, it’ll resolve. Let it be.

I just went in for a haircut yesterday, and my hairdresser cautioned me about this. She advised me either take postnatal vitamins, and or some type of hair skin and nail vitamins. She said as long as she was taking the hair skin and nails her drastic hair loss stopped. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I don't know how bad it is for you and I don't want to assume but also remember that pregnancy causes hair growth and hair thickening so when you're losing hair it's usually hair that was promoted growth by the pregnancy. I can't say I really noticed a difference postpartum because I have hip length very thick hair So I was used to my hair falling out even before postpartum if you're starting to see bald spots or anything like that I would recommend a couple vitamins as well as the hair skin and teeth medicine

Sorry hair nail and teeth vitamins

rosemary oil has gone viral for promoting& speeding up hair growth! there’s tons of videos on tiktok about it and it’s worth a try id say! 🤍

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